Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer days

Ethan rocking the Hannah wig

My 3 littles enjoying the sun today

Ethan, Chase and Nick

Here are 5 of the 6 rowdy boys.ethan was still sleeping ;)

The 4 girls after they did the blind-folded make overs! You will not ever do my make up!!!

Summer is in full swing and as much as I love the summer time, I'm looking forward to the wonderful fall time.Orange leaves and the smell of pumpkin spice and the wonderful cool breezes. This summer really hasn't been bad with heat, we might have a few days of Missouri heat but a nasty storm will come through and knock it out. today is the most beautiful I have seen ever! Blue skies and the sun is just right with that cool breeze blowing.I'm so much enjoying my day outside watching the kids play. We had out of state friends come a stay a few days with us and it was such a joy to have all the kids together again.we homeschooled with them back when we lived in Sullivan but shortly after we met they moved to North Carolina.So over the weekend we had a house of kids! 4 young teenage girls, 6 rowdy little boys and 2 baby girls! sweet times for sure! The girls got caught up with theirs lives and the boys played until we made them go to bed and Jolene wanted nothing more but to squeeze and hold and kiss the baby. Thankfully Sheila is a mom of 6 and didn't flip when Jolene wanted to touch and hug the baby. Thank you Sheila.

My husband will be on a small vacation for the 4th of July and cant wait. Not sure how much of a vacation it will be for him but at least he will be home and bbqing for us ;) He has to his use man toys and move dirt and dig holes for the deck and so on and so on! ill be doing...........nothing :) The kids have been busy with summer playing and the great outdoors. This is our first summer here so we have been exploring and really sucking up all the wildlife out here. The rivers are way to flooded to go to this summer so that has been a bummer but we have a big huge creek in the back and the boys, really Cody and his friends have been there everyday catching fish, frogs, snakes, turtles and what we call " crab daddys". Right now we have fish, frogs and crab daddys in the cooler they have caught yesterday and this morning. Hannah started piano back in the first part of June and doing wonderful. I was a little upset because every time we go for piano the teacher cuts the lesson 5 mins early every time. Not sure how to think or handle that but we will see tonight how that goes. We have a really old but nice piano out in the barn Hannah uses but Jeff is looking hard for a new one for her. he has sent me many pictures from Indiana stores he has been to but none we have liked or thought the money was worth the trip. So keep looking we are! I had every intention to start school back up on the 4th of July but with my husband having that off and me not ready will start the following Monday. I pray my family will understand when we don't allow sleep overs during the weeks anymore as we will and MUST focus on school and attitudes.I'm always feeling like the bad guy when I say no. Even friends take advantages of us because we homeschool. Im not schooling to please every body else and your calender.I homeschool to raise God fearing family loven kids. we have slacked so bad for the last 3 YES 3 years that its starting to show in the reading and math areas.I plan on being that teacher/mom who puts school first and all else aside until we are caught up and I feel like they are ready to slow it down. Its a huge job and unless you homeschool, people just don't realize that.I will post on my trying to find the right homeschool group for us, its been a tuff one Ill tell ya that.