Monday, April 4, 2011

Laura Elizabeth Ownby

We are naming our blessing # 7 Laura Elizabeth in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder.we found out Friday we are expecting another girl woohoo girls rock! this house now! I have really extensive ultrasounds it seems like every week check the blood flow and the growth of the baby.My husbands blood results came back as he is in fact the carrier of the antigens I now have so does the baby.Its along story and lot of medical talk but to sum it up the baby has to be watched all the time and my blood levels need to stay the same or might need to do a blood transfusion on the baby in the womb.I had this with the last 3 also but nothing like the transfusion.The Lord is good and protects His children so my faith is on that! She looked great at the last ultrasound and was doing jumping jacks while we were looking at her.So sweet! We have been busy doing school work so we can be done by the first week of May! Which I know we will be done but I like giving the pressure to the kids so they work harder and can get done faster ;) i took Jolene to get her ears pierced a few weeks ago.Id post pictures but my camera is dead so thats not possible.She looks so freaking cute. Cody turns 10 on the 18th! Blows my mind he is that old already.I feel like it was yesterday I was nursing him and holding him in a blanket. he is such a good looking kid that one! The little boys are growing like weeds.Ethan is all about folding laundry and getting everybody at the table to do school.Chase is all about hanging on my side and his binkie.Loves the mud and loves to tell me he loves me.Hannah is turning into a young lady and just makes Mothering so easy.She is amazing! beautiful too! She is almost done with 6th grade! Caitlin will be 15 in May and im sure causing alot of grey hair on her Mother! She is just a peach to have as a stepdaughter and love when I can get all of the kids together on the weekends.She is usually so busy with sports we don't get to see her much. Nothing new really around here just getting bigger and bigger. Many blessing!

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